Weathergard Windows Review

weathergard windows reviews

weathergard windows reviews

weathergard windows complaints & reviews

Address: 14350 W 8 Mile Rd Oak Park, MI 48237   Phone:800-377-8886


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Weathergard Window Review : Krista Jarvey: ***** Awesome experience! They left my house cleaner than when they started installing. Very friendly and informative! We just sold our house where we bought the new windows, and I plan on using them again for new windows in our new home! I recommend them all of the time!
Weathergard Window Review : Linda S:*****We’ve had Weathergard install windows, door wall, siding, and gutters. All of the installations over a 3 year period. Half of windows were installed the first year and once our finances were in order, we had them install the rest of the windows the 2nd year. We were impressed with the window installation and how our utility bills were lower (granted my husband added insulation to R49 for Michigan). The 3rd year we had the door wall, siding, and gutters added. First, the door wall, not impressed with the installer. He was less than pleasant. They damaged our casings, after a phone call, he was back out on the weekend to repair the damages. Second, the siding, the process took longer than anticipated. Granted only one installer available, he was great to work with and the process was slower, because he made sure it was done correctly. He also pointed out some issues with our roof (installed by Oakes Roofing..DO NOT RECOMMEND..nothing but problems). Lastly, the gutters were installed, the installers were pleasant and easy to work with. My only complaint, is the installers insisted only having a 2ft down spout. Claims it was company policy. Our contract with Weathergard was to have 4ft down spouts, so they left with only installing 2ft down spouts. After another phone call, they were back the next day with 4ft down spouts!
Weathergard Window Review : Greg Motorojescu: **** The windows look great. We had 8 double casement windows replaced. The WeatherGard casements are about 2 times heavier than the ones they replaced. Chris’s Install crew was very professional. Their did excellent quality work. They protected all of the floors and counter tops before starting, All of their caulk joints are perfect. They also did a great job of cleaning up both inside and out. I would definitely recommend WearherGard Windows Complaints and Chris’s crew to anyone.
Weathergard Window Review : Animl Guy:****Over the past year I’ve basically gutted the inside of my home. During this time I have had to deal with a number of contractors and subcontractors. Without a doubt Weathergard has shown itself to be in a class of excellence. I like that they make the windows in their own factory. The installer was absolutely incredible. The windows of course are amazing. Do yourself a favor and don’t make a decision about replacement windows until you meet with someone from this company.
Weathergard Window Review : Cris Billiau:****they were very professional. cleaned up well. our sales rep eddie worked with us, and was great. ive hada problem with one window not latching two years later, and they sent someone out the next day to fix it! they are awesome. my heat bills are lower, too.i love my new windows and would recommend this company to anyone looking for new windows. chesterfield,mi
Weathergard Window Review : Brian Kasal:****We initially got a quote from WeatherGard to replace five of our windows but we were so impressed by their product that we decided to replace all of the windows in our house! Our sales rep, Marvin Chappell, did a great job demonstrating the benefits of the new windows without being pushy to make a sale. We also got quotes from Hanson’s and Wallside but after comparing all of the products WeatherGard was the clear winner because of:

1. The strength of their glass virtually indestructible. During the demonstration, Marvin slammed a metal tool into his window with incredible force and we were shocked when it didn’t even scratch, let alone shatter. Also, their window frame design makes it impossible for anyone to remove the pane of glass from the outside (unlike Wallside’s windows). For security purposes these windows are amazing!

2. WeatherGard uses the thickest window glass on the market and the way they produce the Low E glass makes it very effective at blocking noise. We have a neighbor with a barking dog so this was important to us.

3. The energy efficiency is far superior to Wallside and Hanson’s. I know this for a fact because we have a Wallside window on our home that we had installed a year ago. Marvin put his heat lamp up to the glass of the window and my husband stood outside and could feel heat coming through. But when he put the heat lamp against the WeatherGard window the glass wasn’t even slightly warm on the other side. It was scorching hot on the side of the heat lamp but completely cool on the other side. While Wallside and Hanson’s do produce an energy efficient window their U factors are both much higher than WeatherGard. Those numbers don’t lie.

4. WeatherGard Windows maufactures their frames in a way that makes it impossible for dangerous mold to form. Hanson’s orders all of their windows from a company named Alside and after doing a quick google search on Alside Windows and reading through some forums I learned that Alside windows have had issues with moisture and mold due to their design.

5. WeatherGard Windows has a far better rating through Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau than their competitors. That is very important to us because we know we can trust that they will stand behind their product and their lifetime warranty.




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