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La Casa De La Habana

La Casa De La Habana 1502 Randolph Street Detroit, MI 48226 (313) 285-8332 www.lacasadelahabana.com . . .   La Casa De La Habana is an upscale, luxury cigar lounge in downtown Detroit. This lounge is eloquent and warm with a slight Cuban cultural feel, live music, and a large selection of cigars from all around the world. La Casa De La Habana’s signature is their VIP Membership Cigar Club, an exclusive club that is inaccessible to the regular public. The club features eloquent members-only VIP lounges and private humidor lockers,Read More

Abick’s Bar

Abick’s Bar 3500 Gilbert Street Detroit, MI 48210 (313) 894-9329 www.facebook.com/abicks . . .   Abick’s Bar is a small, American dive bar tucked away in a residential block. If you’re not looking for it, you may drive past a few times mistaking it for a house. Regulars say that the interior of the bar also feels like home, and that the waitstaff feels like family. Known as a Detroit tradition, Abick’s Bar was originated in 1907 by Manya Abick Soviak. Now over 90 years old, the beloved owner andRead More