Sol Laser – Laser Tattoo Removal


Sol Laser – Laser Tattoo Removal

We’ve all been young and adventurous, and some of us have permanent reminder of this time in our lives. Tattoos always seem like a good idea when the rush of peer enthusiasm and naïve shortsightedness are clouding your judgment, but we aren’t always prepared to make lifelong decisions at this early stage. Thanks to the medical professionals at Sol Laser, this is no longer a cause for concern.

Metro Detroit now has one of the leading experts in laser tattoo removal. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Sol Laser technicians produce the highest quality of results, and, in turn, cater to the most satisfied clientele in the area. Thoughts that come to mind in association with tattoo parlors include leather, sneakers, rock ‘n’ roll and cigarette smoke. When you walk into Sol Laser for tattoo removal, you are entering a sterile and professional environment, with technicians wearing scrubs and an all-business demeanor.

Since the 1960s, laser technology has been on an upward trajectory. Now, with the advent of the newest technology in the industry, Metro Detroit’s own Sol Laser is the best in the business. With machinery that is considered the peak of laser equipment, Sol Laser has the unique ability to produce the most seamless and painless tattoo removal services for a very competitive price.

Doing away with the archaic, tattoo parlor methods of removal, such as dermabrasion, biochemical peeling or even surgery, Sol Laser offers a relatively pain-free and highly effective service. No more unsightly pigmentation issues or nasty scarring. Tattoo removal at Sol Laser operates with the most advanced laser technology on the market, Q-switched lasers. Rather than older lasers that emit a low-power continuous wave, Q-switching lasers operate by producing a pulsating wave of exceptionally higher power. Metro Detroit’s leading tattoo removal professionals administer the pulsation, frequency and energy produced by the lasers to break apart the pigment molecules that have been dyed by the tattoo’s ink. Over a short period of time, these micro-particles are then absorbed and flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

Of course, this process varies in time and efficiency from one individual to another. These discrepancies occur based on factors such as tattoo location, depth, color and relative experience (or inexperience) of the tattoo artist who originally applied the tattoo. Tattoos deeper beneath the epidermis, or those that are inconsistent in depth, as the result of inexperienced tattoo application, will often take more treatment sessions. And while black, blue and red inks are easiest and require the fewest treatment sessions, orange and purple, and then green and light blue will take increasingly more laser exposure to break down.

Whatever your personal needs, Metro Detroit’s leading tattoo removal professionals at Sol Laser are committed to providing the most effective service in a sterile medical environment, resulting in the highest quality of client satisfaction.

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