New Beard Grooming Products at Detroit Grooming Company

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New Beard Grooming Products at Detroit Grooming Company

July is upon us, and for Detroit Grooming Company, that means four new products are hitting the digital shelves. Beard enthusiasts, be on the lookout for three new beard oils and a mustache wax from Detroit’s premium purveyor of beard grooming products.

Detroit’s beard specialists began as so many distinctive businesses have. When the founders’ quest for a superior products on retail shelves fell flat, they dunked their hands in the maker’s pot and developed their own perfection. Their line of beard grooming products, each named after familiar landmarks in Detroit, is environmentally conscious and crafted with the modern man in mind.

July’s additions are expanding their ever-growing product lineup. Three new beard oils will be added to their flagship line. Each comes in antique-throwback packaging that puts the masculine mystique back in beard grooming. Crack open their wax-sealed, ink bottle-style package and pour on a layer of luscious, sweet almond beard oil. The formula is designed to nourish both skin and beard, imparting a manly fragrance while leaving the face and hair aglow.

Next on their list is a brand new product. Their mustache wax is a natural evolution of their hair pomade, lightly fragranced with fantastic hold to tame rogue whiskers. The wax keeps even the most unruly mustaches looking neat all day. While mustache wax saw its previous heyday in the early 20th century, it is in the midst of a robust revival. American youth is embracing the beard and mustache as a form of masculine expression once again, and Detroit Grooming stands out as one of the few companies specializing in beard grooming supplies.

The 1980s had once spelled doom for fashionable beards, and the mustache fell from favor soon after. A resurgence in the traditional ideals of masculinity has brought the beard back in the 2010s, but many young men on the product hunt are finding themselves empty-handed. Few companies mass-produce beard grooming products, and those that do often include a litany of harsh ingredients that, while they do their job on the surface, can cause more problems than they solve.

Detroit’s premier beard specialists are determined to give American men the best tools for the job. While they are a small company now, their products are making a name for themselves by eschewing harsh ingredients for options that hydrate and perfect the skin and beard. The newest additions to their product family promise to follow suit.

In an ocean of handcrafted products vying for attention, Detroit Grooming Company had an edge in quality and unique branding. Their newest products are guaranteed to turn a few heads and earn the growing company even more converts.

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