Investing Detroit – Midtown Detroit Real estate

investing detroit

Investing Detroit – Midtown Detroit Real estate

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If you were concerned about where in Detroit to invest your hard-earned capital – because let’s be honest, the possibilities are bountiful – don’t sweat it, has your interests in mind. So, where, you ask? Let’s just consider for a moment the popular area around Wayne State University aptly dubbed Midtown. Besides the university, there is the renowned Henry Ford Hospital, the Detroit Institute of Art, countless small businesses – restaurants, bars, clothing stores, etc. – popping up all over, as well as even more commercial and residential properties waiting to be bought up and converted into, well, whatever your imagination holds.

Midtown investment properties are abundant right now, and, with this influx of investors of all sizes, an influx of return on these investments is sure to follow. This is likely the pebble in the pond that will initiate the ripple effect that will drive Detroit out of its stupor. Specifically encouraging is that prominent Detroit investors are pouring in big money to create the new center of entertainment and leisure in the city, and where else besides Midtown. The $650 million development will span the almost 45 block entertainment district and establish a new environment for not only residents and small businesses alike, but will be the new home to the Detroit Red Wings, generating dizzying amounts of activity and, yes, return on investment, no matter how much you can afford to plop down right now. Whether you’re looking for a small apartment, a house, a building, or a city block, there’s no better place to look for investment properties than Midtown, Detroit, MI.

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