How can I lower my premium?

Comparison-shopping is the best way to ensure you get the best deal, but there are other things you can do to lower your premium, according to information from :

  • Higher deductibles : This is simple. Higher deductibles come with lower premiums, and lower deductibles increase your premium. This is because the deductible is how much you pay before your insurance company picks up the bill – the less the insurance company has to spend, the better for them! Increasing your deductible can save you upwards of 40% on your premium.
  • Look for discounts:
    • Obviously, a discount will work to directly lower your premium. Discounts vary from company to company, but here are the most common ones offered:
    • Multi-policy discounts: These work if you have multiple insurance policies, such as life, health, auto, and home, under one insurance company.
    • Security discounts: If your home is upgraded with the latest security features such as window locks, alarm systems, and deadbolt locks, you may be eligible for a discount.
    • Safety discounts: Like security discounts, if your home has safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and fire alarms, you might qualify for a discount.
  • Smoking: Non-smokers typically pay less for insurance than smokers.
    If you are 55 years of age or older, or are retired, you might qualify for a senior citizen discount.
  • Payments: Some companies will offer a lower premium if you agree to pay all at once. The premium might increase with the amount of payments you choose.

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Save Money with Car Insurance Quotes

Fortunately, even though car insurance will remain a monthly expense, there are many ways to lower your costs. Using car insurance quotes is the best way to save money, and it is the only way to choose the type of coverage you would like. When you shop for car insurance quotes online, there are even more advantages such as:

  • More options – there are more options online for car insurance, which means more chances for you to save big.
  • Less time – it is much quicker to get car insurance quotes online than in person or over the phone. Plus, online you can often get multiple quotes at once with a single form. Less time spent searching means you have more time to find more quotes, which increases your chances of saving.
  • More savings – online companies have more competition and less overhead costs, which means more savings are passed onto the consumer. Plus, the ability to find more quotes by itself means you have a better chance of finding the one that will be the lowest.
  • Convenience – car insurance quotes allow you to see the type of policy you would be getting without having to make a purchase. This means you can add or delete drivers, change the vehicle, and experiment with coverage amounts until you can find the policy you want – without having to talk to an agent!
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The Myths and Realities of Car Insurance Quotes »

Posted on 27.12.2014

Shopping for car insurance quotes is easy, but finding a good one can be a little bit more difficult. Learning the truth about car insurance can help you in your search and get you on the road to excellent coverage at a great price.

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Seven Reasons Why Car Insurance is a Necessity »

Posted on 6.01.2015

Whenever you are strapped for cash, going without car insurance might seem like an easy way to put extra money in your wallet. However, car insurance is important for many reasons, and finding cheap car insurance quotes will keep you protected.

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How Stolen Vehicles Impact your Car Insurance Quotes »

Posted on 12.01.2015

Having your vehicle stolen is a terrible ordeal, but even if it never happens to you, stolen vehicles still affect your car insurance quotes. Here are the top stolen vehicles and what this means for your policy.

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Car insurance can get expensive and most people would rather skip out on it and save the money every month. However, car insurance is important for more than just legal reasons. If you are involved in an accident, car insurance is what pays for the medical bills and property damage that occurs. Without insurance, you either cause another person (or people) to not have access to the care they need, or a vehicle to get to their jobs, or you yourself are stuck in this scenario. You might think that a car accident is unlikely, but the fact is they happen to thousands of people every day – some of who were good drivers. Accidents can cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so you do not want to be stuck without car insurance. On top of this, it is illegal to drive without the minimum required coverage, and you could be fined or even have your license revoked.

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Insurance Scams can Increase Car Insurance Quotes for Everyone »

Posted on 18.01.2015

Insurance fraud is a common problem that unfortunately affects everyone. Insurance companies raise the prices of car insurance quotes in order to cover this fraud. Understanding common scams can help you avoid becoming an unwilling participant.

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