Cornerstone Barrel House

Cornerstone Barrel House photo

Cornerstone Barrel House

1456 Woodward Avenue

Detroit MI 48226

(313) 338-3400

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Cornerstone Barrel House is a brand new restaurant and whiskey bar in Detroit. For those who frequent The Whiskey Disco, you already know exactly where Cornerstone is located- just one floor above the underground cocktail lounge. Cornerstone Barrel House is locally owned, serving fresh local food and specialty bourbon and whiskey drinks. The interior of the bar is full of rich mahogany, similar to Ron Burgundy’s apartment, and the atmosphere is rustic and laid back. This bar’s owners wanted to create a bar and restaurant with great quality food, reasonable prices, and a welcoming atmosphere. It seems they’ve hit the nail on the head, and we’ll continue to hear more about this spot in its first few months of opening.

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