Bleu Detroit

Bleu Detroit

Bleu Detroit

1540 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 974-7799

. . .


Bleu Detroit is a dance club in downtown Detroit that plays techno, house, and dubstep music. Many promoters throw parties at Bleu on Friday or Saturday nights, and many up-and-coming artists and DJs frequent this bar. The bar has two floors; the main level has a large dance floor with seating on the side, while the second floor has much more seating and VIP sections. Some patrons complain about having to pay cover and about the high drink prices, others love that the bar has ample bouncers and a coat check service. Below Bleu Detroit in the basement, there is a somewhat hidden lounge aptly named UnderBleu. Many people don’t know that UnderBleu exists, because you need to know where to look for it.

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