How Stolen Vehicles Impact your Car Insurance Quotes

There are many different factors that go into calculating car insurance quotes, including your driving history and address. Unfortunately, there are also factors that can increase your car insurance quote that are out of your control – such as how frequently the make and model of your vehicle is stolen. People steal cars for different reasons, but nonetheless each year the following cars are found on the top ten stolen car lists: Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, Honda Civic, Toyota pick ups, Dodge Caravan, Honda Accord, Chevy full size 1500, and the Acura Integra. If you own one of these cars, you might find yourself paying more for car insurance.

For some of these cars, the year of the car matters. A 1995 Honda Civic might not be stolen as much as a 1996. You can always call your insurance company for specifics, and you can do online car insurance quotes before you even buy the car to see how much insurance will be. This is also true regarding the location you live. In some areas theft and vandalism is more common than in others in general, and specifically for certain cars. If your car is parked in one of these zip codes, you could see an insurance increase.

There are a few steps you can take in order to get lower car insurance rates if you drive one of these vehicles. First, make sure your car has the latest safety and security features. Many cars come from the factory with these things installed, but if not you can always get them installed afterwards yourself. You can look into alarm systems, wheel locks, and other security features. This shows your insurance company that you intend on keeping your vehicle and are decreasing the risk that it will be stolen. This will often earn you an insurance discount, but you can always call your insurance company first in order to verify the types of devices that will save you money.

One special consideration is that of classic cars. These cars are often at high risk of being stolen, but classic car insurance is not the same as traditional car insurance. Classic car insurance already costs more than regular, so the increase is not necessarily due to the theft risk. You will likely want to shop around for classic car insurance in order to find the best deal, and see which discounts you can qualify for.

Fortunately the risk for theft is just one of many factors car insurance companies consider when calculating your quote. You still have many other factors that can work in your favor to bring your rate down, and you can always comparison shop and look for discounts to get your policy into an affordable range. However, always keep in mind that your first priority is adequate coverage - otherwise any amount is a waste!

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